Have a Fun and Safe Summer

Thank you to all students, staff, and families for your contributions toward making Menlo Park the "Great School" that it is! This summer will be a transition period as we say goodbye to Principal Elise Guest and hello to Principal Kellie Burkhardt. Mrs. Burkhardt will officially begin on July 1st. May you enjoy many reading adventures during the sunshine filled days!

Volunteers Needed!

SMART® (Start Making A Reader Today) Volunteers Needed-Just One Hour per Week!

As a SMART volunteer, you’ll read one-on-one with our kindergarten through third-grade students each week from now until mid-May. The consistent, one-on-one time helps build literacy skills and self-confidence. SMART is fun and further encourages children to read outside the classroom by giving them new books each month to take home and keep.

We are looking for 14 volunteers; reading times are available at Gilbert Heights, Menlo Park and Mill Park!

For more information about volunteering with SMART, call 971-634-1616 or visit www.getSMARToregon.org

Love Our Library

Help Menlo Park Elementary buy new books for our library by donating to the "Love Our Library" program!

The "Love Our Library" program makes it possible for Menlo to set up a secure site for donations. Giving is easy & 100% of the donations go toward buying new books for Menlo!

Visit Menlo Park’s web page/Facebook page and click on the “Love Our Library” Link. All donated funds will be used to buy books for the Menlo Park Elementary Library through the Junior Library Guild.

Please feel free to contact Katie McNair, Menlo Park Library Assistant, for more information. Thank you for your support!

Click here to donate

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